Milestone Monday

Our goal is to raise $100 per mile, for a total of 3000 miles. Donations pledged, will help us reach mile---stones along the way.

Women's month

At Project Wreckless, we not only embrace and encourage diversity within our program - we demand it. It's about balance. It's about respect. It's about empowerment. We are stronger and we are more impactful together.

Removing Engine

Down and out! At the last workshop our youth carefully inspected the motor in our donor car to make sure nothing was attached to the chastity. Once everything was detached, we were able to successfully pull the motor. Pretty soon this motor will find a new home in the Shellby GT500KR Mustang Convertible that we are building for Gumball 3000 Foundation! 

Joins gumball 3000

Exciting News! We are honored to announce our official partnership with Gumball 3000 Foundation!