All You Need To Know.

The Youth of Our Community Need our Support.

The most At Risk Youth, Gang Members, Criminals, Drop-outs, Addicts. We refuse to forget those who are classified as “too far gone.” We care and together, we will make an impact!
Change lives through tangible skills—classic car restoration! Focusing on predominately Pre 1975 American Muscle!
Project Wreckless will have its first permanent shop in San Francisco this year. We plan to expand yearly throughout the Bay Area and then Nation Wide.
Your neighborhood, our neighborhood! Our youth are overwhelmed with negativity through social media, political agendas and their environments. Negativity is everywhere. Help us give them the positivity to change their lives.
We need to expect more! More from ourselves, more from our society, more from our leaders and more from our youth. Give us the tools to impact our youth in a quantitative, life-changing way.
Learn practical automotive skills to deliver the hands on labor to restore the Project Car.
Team Leader. Decision maker.
Maintain the budget for the build. Monitor donations, mock payroll, and cash flow.
Help the team effectively communicate, collaborate, compromise, and problem solve to reach the desired goals.
Order and inventory all the necessary parts and tools to rebuild the vehicle.
Communicate and adhere to protocols to ensure the safety of the participants at all times.
Engage the community, donor prospects, and government agencies through social media outlets and in person meetings.